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Community Association

At Marin Horizon, the vibrant Community Association is an important part of our community. We exist for three important purposes:


  1. To create inclusive ways for members of the Marin Horizon community to be connected with each other and the school.

  2. To promote clear and effective communication between parents, teachers, Administration, and Board of Trustees.

  3. Through our fundraising efforts, to provide resources to support the school’s mission and programs.


We welcome parents to join the community association. Even if you'd like to get involved but not lead a committee, there are plenty of opportunities to contibute.

Community Association

Leadership Team

President: Kristin Lunny
Vice President: Elisabeth Thurston Fraser
Treasurer: Mariell Danzinger
Class Parent Liason: Stefanie Olsen
Community Liason: Natasha Cooper

Event Leaders

Movie Night: Jon Silverman
Sip & Shop: Nicole Pace
Community Conversation: Elizabeth Fraser
Book Fair: Julia Trost, Alexis Bautista, Taylor Fong
Chili Cookoff: Samira Willson
Pancake Breakfasts: Jeff Trost, Julia Trost, Caroline Reyes
Spring Fundraiser
    - Art Walk: Jessica Leo
    - Festival: Open
    - Dinner: Jocelyn Corbett

Project Leaders

CA Hikes: Jenny Lasker, Samantha Stahnke
Community Service: Sondra Lender, Natasha Cooper, Charmaine Ho
Faculty Perks: Kristin Lunny
Graphic Design: Alexis Bautista
Seasonal Decor: Jen Coyne, Charmaine Ho
Social Media: Natasha Cooper
Spirit Wear: Kristi Shaffer
Teacher Appreciation: Caroline Reyes, Sharon Lee
Walk & Roll: Kristin Lunny

Community Association Contact

Bev Boorman

Director of Community Engagement


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