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We envision a world where young people's
confident voices spark meaningful,
positive change. 

Marin Horizon Mission

We ground students in a deep sense of belonging so they become enthusiastic learners, develop confident voices, and emerge as beacons of kindness in their communities.

Where Academics and Character
are Classmates.

Marin Horizon emphasizes both rigorous academics and strong character development. Students are encouraged to think critically, adapt to challenges, and approach the world with kindness. In our classrooms, traditional subjects intertwine with real-world problem-solving, preparing students for an ever-changing global landscape.


Our curriculum extends beyond four walls, incorporating outdoor experiences, the arts, and community involvement. This balance ensures that Marin Horizon students not only excel academically but also understand the importance of empathy and community in their everyday lives. 

Our Marin Horizon Pillars...

We are insatiably curious.

We believe in sparking curiosity in our students and nurturing their love of learning - from Toddler all the way through the 8th grade. We encourage them to follow their curiosity and pursue their unique interests.

Primary Bubbl;e Science.jpeg
Rube - Tools.jpeg

We are complex thinkers.

Through project-based learning we purposefully develop connections between subjects at every stage of learning. We believe that the best way to stoke a curious mind is through rigorous, progressive, comprehensive academics that are rooted in a depth and foundation from the youngest ages.

We embrace challenge.

From the very beginning we are giving our students multi-layered questions to wrestle with, ones without simple answers. Our students become tenacious, eager problem solvers, who embrace technology as a tool and instead of asking ‘why,’ they ask, ‘why not?’ We encourage students to risk failure because we know it’s an essential part of the learning process.    

We are active community members.

We challenge our students to be inclusive leaders, big dreamers, and citizens of the world. We believe that every child can make a difference in the world. We give our students the tools to make a difference right now.

We have a voice.

Our students are confident about advocating for themselves and each other. We ensure that our students are known, heard and appreciated as individuals by their teachers and the broader school community.

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