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Primary Program

At Marin Horizon, the Primary Program is a Montessori-inspired oasis, specially designed to nurture the cherished stage of early childhood.


Guided by the experienced and compassionate hands of our teachers, learning for three, four and five year olds here is a joyful exploration filled with curiosity, wonder, and creativity. Within this vibrant environment, children are encouraged to explore the world at their own pace through an array of engaging activities, purposefully designed to spark interest, and develop language, gross and fine motor skills, as well as independence.

Central to our program is a sense of community and belonging that creates a safe space for children to learn and grow. By fostering social awareness, our young learners master foundational skills such as listening, collaboration, turn-taking, emotion recognition, and conflict resolution. They are guided in becoming responsible members of the community through activities that promote following directions, asking for permission, and participating in communal responsibilities.

As these primary students graduate to Kindergarten and the Lower School program at Marin Horizon, they carry with them a strong foundation for upcoming academic learning, enriched by a sense of curiosity and a commitment to community and social awareness. Confident and prepared, they are ready to take the next step in their developmental journey, equipped not just to participate in the world but to actively explore and inquire about it, embodying the Montessori-inspired principles that have been lovingly instilled in them.

Victoria Huerta-Miller
Director, Lower School
Primary Program - the Foundational Years
At Marin Horizon, the Primary School years are the magical beginning of a child's educational journey, a time filled with exploration, imagination, and the joy of discovery. These foundational years are carefully designed to nurture the innate curiosity that resides within each child. Through hands-on experiences, creative play, and gentle guidance, students learn to understand their world, express their thoughts, and cooperate with others. This stage isn't about formal academics but rather about laying the critical groundwork for emotional, social, and cognitive development. The skilled educators at Marin Horizon create a loving and stimulating environment that fosters growth in these crucial areas, planting the seeds that will flourish as children move on to more structured learning, all the while building a solid foundation for their future academic pursuits and meaningful lives.

Children in the Primary Program become curious explorers and compassionate friends. Guided by their natural wonder and enthusiasm, they engage with their surroundings and each other in a way that nurtures creativity and cooperation. These young minds are building the foundations of empathy, problem-solving, and environmental stewardship. They grow not just in knowledge but in character, shaping who they will become in the future.


The Primary School Faculty at Marin Horizon embodies the heart and soul of the Montessori-inspired program, guiding children aged 2 to 5 through their first steps in education. These educators are not merely teachers but nurturing mentors who understand the individual needs and curiosities of each child. They help children explore their world with wonder and confidence. With their Montessori-inspired methods, they create a warm and engaging environment where children are encouraged to discover, create, and grow. Their dedication and skill lay the foundational building blocks that will support the children as they embark on their lifelong learning journey. 

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